Body found in search for missing veteran Chase Massner

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Remains have been discovered in the search for missing veteran Chase Massner in Kennesaw, Georgia, at the home of his friend Brad Clement, the last person to see Chase alive.

CBS 46 reports that police have confirmed a body was found in the backyard of Clement’s house, though they have not yet made a positive ID.

A CrimeOnline reporter on the scene at Clement’s home saw authorities removing a body in a tarp from the backyard. Cadaver dogs reportedly picked up on the scent of human remains about a month ago.

Massner, 26, a four-year army veteran who served in Iraq for a year not long before he vanished, was last seen by his family on March 26, 2014. He had been at his mother’s house for a few days before he disappeared, as he was having some difficulties with his marriage, and has been arguing with his wife, Amanda.

CrimeOnline founder Nancy Grace has extensively covered this case over the past several months on her show Crime Stories, including a key interview with Brad Clement as well as Chase’s wife Amanda Massner.

His mother, Stephanie Cadena, told Crime Stories that Massner left early that evening with Amanda, and Stephanie believed he was going home to spend the night with his wife and his two young daughters.

But if he did go home, he didn’t stay for long. Amanda told Stephanie that Chase didn’t spend the night at home, and that she drove him to Brad’s house, but Brad wasn’t there, so she took her husband to a nearby Quick Trip.

A cashier at the QuickTrip corroborated that claim, saying that Amanda dropped him off at around 9 p.m. Brad says he picked up Chase there.

Brad reportedly told police that he and Chase stayed up all night talking about Chase’s relationship with Amanda, and that the next morning Chase went for a walk.  The next morning, he said roofers working on his home arrived at about 7 a.m., and that he then led Chase to a guest room, where Chase fell asleep.

Later that morning, Brad said he tried to wake Chase, but couldn’t. Brad then went for a walk and took Chase’s cell phone with him, claiming he did so because he didn’t want Chase to leave while he was out.

When Brad returned home, he said he gave Chase his phone, and went out into the backyard to start preparing for a BBQ he was hosting for the laborers working on his roof. He said when he went back in the house, Chase was nowhere to be found, and he was never heard from again.

None of the roofers who were working at Brad’s home that day said they saw Chase anywhere near the home.

Brad Clement’s whereabouts are not immediately known. CrimeOnline has reached out to the Cobb County Sheriff’s office for further comment.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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