Man says he stabbed pet dog in self-defense, but prosecutor says suspect only had small, minor scratches

A New York man who stabbed a tiny Terrier-mix dog to death and claimed self-defense only had minor scratches on his body, court records indicate. On Monday, the suspect pleaded not guilty during his arraignment.

New York Daily News reports that on May 26, Zheheng Feng, 24,  was feeding his dog, who weighed all of 16.5 pounds when the pup supposedly viciously attacked him in his Midtown apartment. According to Feng, the dog started “acting irrational” which prompted him to kill the canine.

Court documents filed at the Manhattan Supreme Court reveal that after Feng killed the dog, he stuffed it into a garbage bag, along with the knife he used, before throwing it down a garbage chute. A building worker discovered the deceased animal after he noticed a  “a bloodied dog’s head sticking out of a garbage bag,” according to Assistant District Attorney Ryan Hayward.

“[There was] a woman crying inside and a dog whimpering and gasping for air,” the witness told the concierge at Feng’s high-rise luxury apartment building.

Feng later appeared in court on charges of aggravated cruelty and torturing animals after authorities discovered along with stab wounds, the dog suffered from “bruising, hip dislocation, and a broken pelvis due to blunt force trauma.”

Feng showed authorities scratches on himself to prove he acted in self defense. Hayward said the scratches were “were very small and minor.”

Hayward offered a Feng a plea deal of a year off of his sentence if he pleaded guilty guilt to the most serious offense, but so far, the case hasn’t been resolved. Feng’s lawyer said they are currently working on a resolution to the matter.

“This is a tragedy for all parties involved, and Mr. Feng is taking proactive steps, including volunteering with animal cruelty organizations in an effort to put this matter behind him,” said Feng’s attorney, Todd Spodek.

Feng lost his position as a research analyst at Nomura Securities International shortly after his arrest, New York Post reports.

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