OUTRAGE! SMU removes 9/11 memorial flags over new ‘triggering policy’

Southern Methodist University (SMU) will no longer display 9/11 memorial flags on the campus’ main area due to “triggering” issues.

FOX News reports that for the first time since 2010, administers at the Dallas-based private university have removed the 9/11 memorial display from the Dallas Hall lawn, citing that it “respects the right of all members of the academic community to be free from coercion and harassment.” The school also indicated that leaving the display up would be in violation of a new school policy.

In July, president of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), Grant Wolf, requested access to use Dallas Hall to display 3,000 American flags in memorandum of those who lost their lives during 9/11. Each year since 2010, YAF has been displaying the flags, until now. Members of the group were shocked when they were denied, and many claimed that the new policy was nothing short than a “new triggering policy,” according to The College Fix.

“The University has a new policy regarding Memorial Lawn Displays (see below) so I have changed the location of your request to MoMac Park,” Student Activities Coordinator Lydia Dale replied in an email.

“We’re confused and flabbergasted,” YAF member, Whitney Babin, told FOX News. “September 11 is a fact, it’s something that happened. Last year, we had a memorial service, we raised our flags, someone played TAPS. It’s not a controversial thing. We’re so shocked.”

“I do not think the University was specifically targeting the 9/11 memorial nor acting with malicious intent,” Cecily Cox, president of the College Democrats at the university, replied back. “Rather, the university was attempting to shield students of potential ‘triggering’ material.”

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