Police: Man holds girlfriend and young children captive for at least two YEARS

A Virginia man is behind bars after police say he held his girlfriend and their two children captive for at least two years.

FOX 5 reports that on Saturday afternoon, authorities arrested Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore, 43, after they responded to a welfare check call to a home off of Mine Road in Fredericksburg. A family member, worried after not hearing from a female relative, 32, and her two children, ages 11 and 8, for “a long time,” called police for assistance.

When authorities arrived, Moore appeared nervous and hesitant to allow the officers inside the home. The windows of the home were covered with blankets and shades. While Moore talked to the officers, a woman and two children ran out of the home’s side door and straight to the deputies.

The victim told the officers that her and her children hadn’t left the home in at least two years. She said the were held against their will by Moore, the father of the children. Authorities took the adult victim to the hospital for untreated health conditions. The children were also taken in for a medical evaluation.

Neighbors said they rarely saw the victim and her children, aside from when the family moved into the home. Moore is reportedly unemployed. Another neighbor said he hardly ever left the home and told her that his wife was handicapped.

“I have never seen that lady or those kids since they moved into that house, and that was before last summer, because the grass was really tall,” a neighbor told NBC. “When he said that she was handicapped, I told my husband, I said, ‘Well, I saw a lady over there, but I saw her walk. But I’ve never seen her since then. I assumed that he was living there by himself.”

Moore is charged with three felony counts of abduction and three felony counts of assault and battery. He’s being held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.

[Feature Photo: Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office]