Freaky dude banned from water park caught secretly filming women coming down water slide

Georgia police have arrested a man after he allegedly snuck into a water park and secretly filmed women coming down the water slide, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bryan Carl Ivey, 37, of Eatonton, faces criminal trespass and obstruction charges following Saturday’s arrest at Six Flags White Water, according to jail records.

Ivey’s arrest warrant states that he was caught using a “spy-type camera hidden inside his wallet while in line for the Typhoon Twister.” Additionally, police have noted that he initially refused to give them his name or even his date of birth, thus the obstruction charge.

The arrest warrant also indicates that the 37-year-old had already been banned from the park. He was caught committing a similar action in 2016, the warrant notes. After the 2016 incident park officials banned Ivey from the amusement center until 2021. He allegedly broke that ban when he snuck on to the park to secretly film women coming down the water slide, authorities have said. There is no way to know if he had been doing this regularly, despite being banned in 2016, and this was just the first time he managed to get caught.

Police have not released any information regarding the contents of his camera and if it may contain video filmed during previous visits to the park.

Ivey is out of the Cobb County jail on bond, according to jail records. Police have not announced if the man has received legal counsel or when he will face trial.

[Featured Image: Cobb County Sheriff’s Office]