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Police: Grandmother forgets 4-month-old baby in car; infant dies at the scene

A 4-month-old baby is dead after her grandmother left her inside a hot vehicle all day on Friday, Oklahoma police confirm.

KFOR reports that authorities found the infant in a car in the parking lot of the Apple Creek Learning Center in Luther. By the the time Luther Fire Department arrived, the baby had already passed away. Mark Opgrande, a sheriff’s office spokesman, said that the baby’s grandmother was supposed to drop her off at the daycare, but apparently forgot to take her out of the car.

“She had apparently thought that she dropped off the child this morning, which she had not. After she got off work, she drove back to Luther to stop by the daycare.”

When the grandmother drove back to the daycare, the employees informed her that she never dropped the baby off. That’s when they looked in the backseat of the car and found the infant.

According to investigators, the grandmother had full custody of the infant. Their names are currently disclosed while authorities investigate.

“They informed her that she did not drop off the child and they went, proceeded to look for the child inside the daycare,” Opgrande continued. “They couldn’t find her. That’s when they went out to the vehicle, and then discovered her outside in the back of the car. She was deceased.”

Police report that grandmother is “distraught” over the incident, and it’s currently listed as an accident. A few hours after the baby was found, a man and woman, both visibly upset, pulled into the daycare parking lot and tried to look into the car and see the baby, but authorities held them back. It’s still unclear who they were.

Once the investigation is complete, the sheriff’s office will send the details over to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office, and officials will then decide on what, if any, charges should be filed.

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