Police: Teacher molests at least eight students, names them ‘Jason’s Girls’

A recently-filed lawsuit accuses a Florida high school teacher sexually molesting at least eight female students and nicknamed them “Jason’s Girls.”

Miami Herald reports that the incident started in 2008, when someone emailed the principal at Dr. Michael M. Krop High School in Miami and accused creative writing teacher, Jason Edward Meyers, 41, of molesting both current and former students. Three years later, in 2011, Meyers was still teaching but transferred over to Miami Palmetto Senior High School. While at Palmetto, he reportedly continued his illegal behavior, which prompted a federal lawsuit against the Miami-Dade School Board, accusing them of allowing a teacher to continue molesting students.

According to the lawsuit, Meyers “groomed” his creative writing students and pushed them to write explicit content in their creative writing journals. He then singled his picks out in class and named them “Jason’s Girls.”

Court documents indicate that one of the student victims claimed that Meyers encouraged her to study sexually explicit novels such as “Lolita,” where a younger girl gets seduced by an older man. He allegedly gave other students revealing clothing to wear in class and demanded that one of the students break up with her boyfriend after she turned in a poem entitled, “Come Inside Me.”

Further, Meyers is accused of forcing himself on one of the plaintiffs and kissing and groping her. The lawsuit also claimed that Meyers had sex with another student inside his classroom.

In 2016, Meyers was fired from his teaching position and arrested for sexual battery of a minor.

In addition to pointing out Meyers’ reported illegal activities, the lawsuit weighed heavily on how Miami Dade School District allowed the sexual abuse to continue. According to one of the attorneys who filed the lawsuit, Mark Schweikert, the school board’s lack of action put numerous teen girls in danger.

“As alleged, the School Board knew that Mr. Meyers posed a serious risk of sexual abuse against our community’s children. Yet it did virtually nothing to stop him. Instead, the School Board merely relocated the risk posed by his predatory behavior from one school to another.”

Meyers, who’s married, reportedly had a fight with his wife during the 2015-2016 school year after the wife confronted him about an alleged sexual relationship Meyers was secretly having with one of the students.

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[Feature Photo: Miami Dade Police Department]