Atlanta gym posts foul-mouth ban on police & military

An Atlanta gym owner has banned police officers and active military from joining his gym.

Jim Chambers, the owner of EAV Barbell Club, posted a warning sloppily scrawled in sharpie on a piece of printer paper outlining the gym “rules” and said it would not allow “cops” to join, KATV reports.

“Rules: Do whatever the h— you want, correctly, except Crossfit cultism. No f—— cops.”

When a military veteran saw the notice, he immediately went to media outlets.

Chambers didn’t deny the sign, saying that his facility has had this policy since it opened. He also excluded active military members from the gym, saying that even those who had a membership before joining the military would no longer be welcome there, according to Huffpost.

“If we’re helping them [train] then we’re essentially helping the military grow stronger, and we don’t want to do that. I make no exceptions. Once you become part of the system, we are not interested in serving you.”

The gym owner claimed that police presence made his clients, which are mainly comprised of minorities, uncomfortable when using the facility.

The Atlanta Police Department issued no comment on the vulgar and offensive sign, but did assure the public that it wouldn’t prevent them from responding to any emergencies there. Chambers responded saying that he wouldn’t allow authorities in without a warrant, and also said he doesn’t believe any of his clients will ever need their help.

Chambers posted a picture on the facility’s Facebook account of a man who was killed by a police officer three years ago today with the hashtags, “whywebancops,” and “blacklivesmatter.”

#MikeBrown was murdered three years ago today, by a savage with a gun operating above the law. Remember his name forever. #whywebancops #blacklivesmatter #copfreezones #ferguson #atl #ofcourse

Posted by EAV Barbell Club on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

11Alive spoke with lawyers who said it would be up to courts to decide whether or not the policy is violating any anti-discriminatory laws, as police officers are not a protected class under the law.

Chambers describes himself as a political activist, and says he gym functions not only as a fitness facility, but also serves as a hub for political activism.

[Feature photo: 11Alive/Screengrab]