Little girl suffers horrific injuries after ‘friend’ throws boiling water on her during disturbing ‘Hot Water Challenge’

An 11-year-old girl is in the intensive care unit at the Harlem Hospital Center in New York after a friend poured scalding water on her face during a sleepover.

Spectrum News reports that a 12-year-old girl is in jail after reportedly pouring boiling water on Jamoneisha Merritt’s face, causing second-degree burns and severe disfigurement. According to Jamoneisha’s family, the two girls were supposedly best friends, but the 12-year-old carried out the “Hot Water Challenge,” a new social prank in which people are dared to pour boiling water onto unsuspecting victims.

Jamoneisha was spending the night with friends when she woke up screaming to boiling water splashed all over her face, neck, and shoulders. Jamoneisha’s mother, Ebony, said the other girl purposely waited for Jamoneisha to fall asleep before attacking her with hot water.

“Her friends wanted to play the hot water challenge and that’s what happened.”

Although the images are disturbing and graphic, Ebony decided to share photos taken of her daughter in the hospital so that others could see how serious and damaging the water challenge is.

“I can’t take it down. I need for these kids to know how serious this is.”

Ebony also said that other children often bullied Jamoneisha at school and called her names. Her daughter was confused and surprised after the attack because she thought the children at the sleepover were truly her friends and wouldn’t bully as others did.

“She thought they was her friends. I was told that they didn’t like her. And they just been bullying her.”

Jamoneisha is expected to recover but will likely have scarring for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, authorities are urging parents to watch out for the hot water challenge and make their children aware of how serious it can be. Time reports that in addition to pouring hot water on unsuspecting victims, other children are taking the challenge by drinking boiling water, which recently caused an 8-year-old girl, Ki’ari Pope, of Boynton Beach, Florida, to die.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]