Gruesome video shows moment jogger pushes woman in front of bus, police still looking for suspect

London police are still searching for the jogger who pushed a 33-year-old woman in front of an oncoming bus, according to Daily Mail.

As Crime Online previously reported, authorities initially arrested millionaire investment banker Eric Bellquist, 41, but released him when he had an airtight alibi. He was in America at the time. The confusion seems to have been caused by Bellquist resembling the jogger in question.

The 41-year-old’s law firm released a statement on their client’s innocence.

“Our client has been wrongly implicated in this matter; he categorically denies being the individual concerned and has irrefutable proof that he was in the United States at the time of the incident,” it reads. “Consequently we expect a swift resolution to this wholly untrue allegation.”

The victim, who remains anonymous, miraculously avoided serious injury as the bus managed to swerve at the last moment, narrowly avoiding running over her head. There is a video of the entire incident, which clearly shows the jogger pushing the women in front of traffic.

Oddly, 15 minutes after committing his foul act, the jogger returned to the scene of the crime, according to Sergeant Mat Knowles.

“After he pushed her he ran across the bridge and 15 minutes later came back,” he said. “By this time the members of the public who had helped the woman were gone and she tried to talk to him as he ran past her but he just ignored her.”

This is an ongoing investigation and London police are currently investigating other leads.

[Featured Image: Associated Press]