Police catch gunman named ‘Lucifer’ who allegedly terrorized senior center and murdered woman [UPDATE]

Minnesota police have arrested a fugitive who allegedly terrorized a senior center and murdered a woman, as reported by New York Post.

Lucifer Nguyen, 44, was arrested late Monday night and is being held at the Dakota County Jail. He managed to evade capture for over a week but authorities were finally able to track him down after finding a car he had stolen that belonged to the woman he allegedly murdered, 48-year-old Beverly Cory.

As Crime Online previously reported, Nguyen allegedly terrorized the small community of Mendota Heights, running into a senior center with his gun drawn and eventually ending up at an office building. That’s where he allegedly encountered Cory and shot her point blank in the head. Police found her body after a report came in that there was blood seeping underneath her office door.

Authorities have noted that there is no known connection between Nguyen and Cory and her murder appears to be a random act of violence, likely an attempt to steal her car to make his getaway.

Mendota Heights police shared their grief regarding the murder of Beverly Cory in an official Facebook post.

“On a personal note, we didn’t know the victim but we did speak with her family and friends. If she was half as amazing, caring, and resilient as they are, the world lost an amazing soul.”

Prosecutors have charged Nguyen with murder in connection with the death of the 48-year-old woman. He also faces charges of aggravated robbery, burglary and kidnapping. Records indicate that he changed his first name to Lucifer over 20 years ago.

[Featured Image: Mendota Heights Police Department]