Surveillance footage catches homeless man walking into Walgreens moments before he corners a woman and attempts to rape her: Police

New York police have arrested a homeless man after he allegedly attempted to rape a woman at a Bronx Walgreens location, as reported by New York Post.

Victor Augustus, 28, has been charged with attempted rape, sex abuse, forcible touching, assault and harassment after he allegedly cornered a woman by the bathroom and attempted to sexually assault her, authorities have noted.

The woman remains anonymous but police have noted that she is 50 and was just taking a break from shopping in the restroom as Augustus allegedly waited outside, preparing to attack her. When she exited the bathroom he pushed her back inside and then shoved her to the ground, according to PIX 11. He then covered her mouth and attempted to remove her pants, investigators said.

Surveillance footage shows the 28-year-old entering the store mere moments before the alleged attempted rape is said to have occurred.

Luckily, a store manager was nearby and managed to thwart the sexual assault. The employee heard the woman’s screams and rushed in and chased the alleged attempted rapist into the streets. Police were able to find him two days later, around midnight on Saturday, as they conducted a sweep of the neighborhood.

A customer, Randy Kearse, spoke to reporters about how the incident made him feel unsafe in his own neighborhood.

“That’s incredible that it happened right here in Walgreens in the middle of the day,” he said. “That just tells you how sometimes just how unsafe we are.”

The victim was taken to Jacobi Hospital where she is recovering from the shocking ordeal.

Police have not indicated if the homeless man was able to retain legal counsel or when he will face a judge. The heroic Walgreens employee remains anonymous.

[Featured Image: YouTube/screenshot]