‘I was vulnerable and he wowed me’: Charming con artist sentenced to prison for scamming women out of more than $1M

A judge sentenced an Arizona man to close to 16 years in prison on Friday after the convicted man conned women out of over $1 million.

ABC 15 Arizona reports that Daylon Pierce, of Scottsdale, met women on dating sites and apps such as Match, PlentyOfFish, BBPeopleMeet, and Tinder, for the sole purpose of scamming them financially. At least 13 women fell for his convincing con games, and in turn lost a substantial amount of money.

Pierce told his victims that he was a wealthy stockbroker with “Credit Investment Group LLC.” He then charmed them into investing money into his business. One victim said she gave Pierce $240,000, under the impression that she was making a sound investment, while another victim dipped into her 401K and gave Pierce $140,000.

“Daylon Pierce is a career criminal and a con man who deserves to be locked up,” Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a public statement. “Unfortunately, online dating scams are becoming more common. Victims sign up hoping to find love and instead they’re left heartbroken with their life savings stolen.”

According to one of the victims, Rose Reddy, Pierce was extremely charming and knew how to take advantage of others while appearing innocent and forthcoming.

‘He was on the phone making deals on his computer while I was right there listening to him talk,” Reddy said. “When you went over to his house — he had it all. The closet all organized; all the colored shoes. He had everything covered that you would never question.”

Court records indicate that from 2013 to 2016, Pierce, who also went by the name of Daylon Jung, enticed numerous women to “invest” in his fraudulent scheme.

Another unsuspecting victim, Tara DeGrazia, said that Pierce questioned her about her credit and if she had the means to finance a house and a care. DeGrazia admitted she was vulnerable at the time and fell for his lies.


Daylon Pierce during a previous prison sentence [Photo: MySpace]
“I had just gotten a divorce. I was vulnerable and he ‘wowed’ me.”

Pierce took the money given to him and spent it at strip clubs, casinos, luxury hotels, designer clothing stores, and nightclubs. There is no record on file that he was ever a stockbroker. He previously served a prison sentence for theft, trafficking theft, and gang activity. In 2013, he completed a 13-year sentence and upon release, immediately began scamming women.

Another victim, Sarah Gary, testified that she filed a police report against Pierce after she figured out he was scamming her, which prompted a Temple police investigation. Gary said she confronted Pierce and he told her it would be her who got arrested for spreading lies about him, according to AZ Central.

During his sentencing on Friday, Pierce apologized to the women and said if he could take it all back, he would. Yet another victim, Sarah Schroeder, said felt relieved once she knew Pierce would pay for his cunning ways.

“It is great. It feels like we’ve kind of won in a sense. Finally being able to see him in handcuffs and being sentenced was very liberating.”

[Feature Photo: Arizona Attorney General’s Office]