‘Poo Bomber’ steals from store then defecates on floor: Police

‘The accused has looked around before shaking her buttocks and flicking part of her dress near the buttock region.’

An Australian woman who suffers from a range of mental illnesses has been dubbed the “poo bomber” after stealing from stores and defecating on the floors before leaving.

The Daily Telegraph reports the woman, who remains unnamed due to her mental illnesses, is a self-proclaimed “kleptomaniac” who enjoys the thrill of taking items from various stores. In fact, she enjoys it so much that the “rush” from it makes her lose control of her bowels.

The suspect’s preferred items to steal are pricy clothing. Once she spots what she wants, she will grab it, then stand with her legs apart and defecate on the store floor. Police said that so far, she has stolen from a number of stores, including Best And Less Mittagong. In one instance, surveillance camera caught her “flicking” her dress up in the back before defecating.

“The accused has looked around before shaking her buttocks and flicking part of her dress near the buttock region,” the police report read.

“It is at this time that the accused has defecated on the shop floor before walking away.”

Afterwards, the “poo bomber” allegedly used a “tea towel” to clean her buttocks, before tossing the towel on the ground and walking away.

In another incident at the Shop Pharmacy in Campbelltown Mall, the woman caused an “incident on aisle three” when she squatted down and defecated in the middle of the floor. The store closed down for an hour while employees cleaned up the mess.

After her arrest, the woman hired attorney Ben Archbold to represent her. Archbold told The Daily Telegram that his client felt remorseful for her actions, and explained her mental illnesses were a contributing factor to the incidents.

“My client has a mental illness and has quite clearly fallen through the cracks of the mental health support available in the community. She would be assisted if you just left her alone.”

The “poo bomber” was convicted of larceny and destroying or damaging property, and placed on 15 months of probation. Yet, she breached her probation guidelines and now faces resentencing in September. Police are also questioning her about a display home break-in at the Central Coast in Australia.

It’s still unclear if she broke into the display home because she didn’t leave behind her trademark bowel movement. However, a police source pointed out that there was a readily-available bathroom in the residential display home.

“We’ll never know if she used the facilities because you can’t unflush a toilet.”

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