Scott Peterson’s last message to Laci revealed to the public for the first time

The first installment of the new six-part docuseries, The Murder of Laci Peterson, premiered last night on A&E, which recounted the last, never-heard-before audio from Scott Peterson to his wife, Laci.

Peterson, currently on death row for the murder of Laci and their unborn son, Conner, left a final message for his wife on Christmas Eve, 2002, at around 2:15 p.m. If not for overwhelming circumstantial evidence against him, it would appear Peterson’s message to his wife was sincere. There was no sign of panic or fear in his voice as he casually told Laci he wouldn’t have time to pick up a basket.

“Hey beautiful, I just left a message at home. Uh, it’s 2:15. I’m leaving Berkeley I won’t be able to get to Vella Farms to get that basket for papa. I was hoping you would get this message and go on out there. I’ll see you in a bit sweetie. Love ya, bye.”

While speaking from death row, Peterson recounted how the day went before Laci went missing. He claimed that Laci ate cereal as she normally did, then watched Martha Stewart on television. Peterson said he left for the day at around 10 a.m. and thought that Laci would likely clean the house and take their dog for a walk while he was gone. Peterson then chuckled to himself as he recalled how he decided on a whim to go fishing on Christmas Eve.

“Just decided it seems too cold to play golf at the club so I just decided, you know, to go fishing.”

After Scott finished fishing, he made the final call to Laci and left the message. He still maintains he has no idea who took his wife and he can’t explain why her body and their unborn baby’s body was found not far from where he fished. He said when he returned home, he didn’t suspect anything unusual because he thought Laci went to see her mother, Sharon Rocha.

‘The only unusual things were the leash [on the dog] and the door being unlocked. I assumed she was at her moms,” Scott said to his sister-in-law Janey during a recorded phone conversation. ” [I] put my clothes in the washer grabbed some pizza from the fridge. Got milk and after I get out of the shower and put clothes on I call Sharon.”

Later that evening, Sharon Rocha, not Peterson, called the police and reported Laci missing.

Although 11 witnesses claimed they saw Laci on the day she went missing and even though Peterson’s story hasn’t changed in close to 15 years, most people aren’t finding his new interviews convincing. The overwhelming consensus online, at least for those who’ve recently commented on the case, still feel that Peterson is absolutely guilty of murder and deserves his death sentence.

Peterson is currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison in Marin County, California. He appealed the conviction, and according to court documents, the appeal is still pending. Although the case rested largely on circumstantial evidence, there was enough presented during trial to convince a jury that Peterson murdered Laci and dumped her pregnant body into the San Francisco Bay.

The second installment of The Murder of Laci Peterson docuseries airs on Aug. 22 at 10 p.m. EST on A&E.

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