Lisa Theris

‘It was all about finding the road’: Woman who survived for entire month in the wilderness finally speaks out

Lisa Theris, the 25-year-old woman who was missing for 28 days and presumed dead, has finally emerged from the hospital to speak about her ordeal, as reported by ABC News.

The former waitress and radiology student survived for almost a month in the Alabama wilderness, eating berries and mushrooms to survive, after being left for dead by two men who are suspected to have drugged her after burglarizing a nearby residence, Crime Online has reported.

Theris spoke to reporters, with her father by her side, and presented the walking stick she scavenged during her time in the wilderness, a stick she says helped her to survive.

During her 28 days of misery, Theris did not have access to clean water, being forced to drink from puddles and from her own hair, she told ABC News.

“If it rained I’d have to like squeeze the water out of my hair and drink it,” she said.

The 25-year-old is covered in bug bites and poison ivy, which she says still stings. Police also say she lost over 40 pounds during the ordeal. However, her will to survive outpaced any momentary discomfort.

“It was all about finding the road or finding a person. I couldn’t even hear any cars the whole time I was out there until the end,” she said.

Information is scant as to how she ended up stuck in the woods. As to whether or not she was drugged by the two suspects, she said  “It would make sense — but I’m not sure.”

Manley Davis and Randall Oswald were arrested for the burglary and questioned, but authorities have stated that the pair hasn’t offered much information regarding Theris.

[Featured Image: ABC News/screenshot/Facebook]