Parents try to use 2-year-old child as human shield to avoid arrest: Police

Maine police have arrested two people and accused them of child endangerment after they allegedly attempted to use their 2-year-old as a human shield in order to avoid arrest, as reported by WABI.

Sharon Wallace, 30, and Robert McDowell, 31, were placed into police custody Friday night after a neighbor reported that Wallace was issuing threats and hurling obscenities, authorities have noted. When investigators arrived at the scene they allegedly found Wallace still hurling obscenities at her neighbor, this time because the police were called.

Police say that when they intervened and tried to arrest Wallace, McDowell tried to block them and then handed her the 2-year-old child with the intent for the toddler to be used as a human shield.

The gruesome gesture did not work and the couple was easily taken into custody, according to WMTW. Thankfully, the child was unharmed during the ordeal, authorities have noted. It is unknown if police called upon Maine’s Office Child and Family Services. As such, the fate of the child remains undetermined. Investigators have yet to announce what led to Wallace arguing so fiercely with her neighbor in the first place.

The couple both face charges of child endangerment. Wallace is also charged with assault and harassment and refusal to submit to arrest. McDowell has additionally been charged with obstructing government administration. There has been no word on if the couple has obtained legal counsel, when they will see a judge or if they have made bail.

[Featured Image: Franklin County Detention Center]