Panty-less cartwheeling teacher now accused of squatting in elderly couple’s house

A former teacher who performed a panty-less cartwheel during a choir class earlier this year is accused of squatting in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, couple’s house.

Lacey Sponsler, 34, pled guilty to assault earlier this year after the Pawhuska Police Department arrested her for performing a cartwheel in class. She didn’t have any underwear on while cartwheeling and a student caught the disturbing act on video.

Sponsler was also arrested in March for stealing a woman’s Coach purse from a bowling alley in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, reported NEWSON6.

Now, an elderly couple in Tulsa claims the disgraced substitute teacher is squatting in their home and refuses to move out, reports KFOR.

“Do you want to wait 30 days to evict somebody that you tried to be friends with and help?” asked Lloyd Anderson who owns the home in question with his partner Sharon Denney, according to WTKR.

Anderson allegedly agreed to help Sponsler, who he met through a mutual friend. Sponsler asked Anderson if she could use his address as a permanent residence. He reportedly agreed, and Sponsler wrote a letter in Anderson’s name to the judge overseeing her case, explaining she lived in the house and paid rent.

“The deal was after she got her plea bargain form the judge, she would use the money she had coming to by two bus tickets to Seattle, Washington,” Anderson told KJRH.

Instead, Anderson and Denney allege Sponsler used a ladder to break a window and move into the home.

“She said that the while time that she’s been here this is her residence and we never gave her permission,” Sharon Denney said.

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[Feature Photo: Oklahoma City PD]