Jailbird mom delays taking baby to hospital after he overdoses on heroin stash: Cops

A Yorktown, Indiana, woman was arrested after her 1-year-old son reportedly overdosed on her heroin stash.

Daisha Sue Clark, 26, is facing neglect of a dependent, possession of a syringe, and possession of paraphernalia following Wednesday night’s incident. While on house arrest, Clark was staying with a relative when she discovered her son near her bedroom with plastic in his mouth and a powdery substance on his face, records obtained by WHTR detailed.

The woman’s cousin told police that the child stopped breathing at one point. Despite this, the mother is said to have brushed off going to the hospital, claiming her son had bitten on a bottle of bug spray. The cousin ultimately sought medical attention for the boy.

Hospital staff gave the 1-year-old Naloxone, also known as Narcan, a drug used to treat opioid overdoses. He has since been released from the hospital, the local station also reported.

“You have the addict who chooses to take the drug…but then when people who don’t make that choice to take the drugs are impacted or hurt in some way, I think that’s angering,” said Delaware County’s chief deputy prosecutor Eric Hoffman told WISH.

Alarmingly, this isn’t the first time the Indiana woman has been accused of putting her children in harm’s way.

In May 2015, Clark allegedly drove drunk—and naked—with her baby. The Muncie Star Press reported that the then-24-year-old possibly took off with her child after a witness confronted her for leaving her child in the car while she allegedly slept with a man.

On that occasion, Clark was charged with neglect of a dependent and driving while intoxicated after her blood-alcohol content supposedly measured at 0.15 percent.

[Featured Image: Delaware County Jail]