‘If you were a man you would be going to prison today’: Judge spares female burglar from prison

A court ruling in England spared a convicted burglar from serving a jail sentence because she is a woman, The Sun reported.

Newcastle Crown Court sentenced Terry Remmer, 23, to 18 months in jail, but suspended the sentence for 18 months.

“The gravity is that if you were a man you would be going to prison today. But I have to take into account not only your welfare but the welfare of your child,” the court told Remmer at her sentencing.

Sentencing guidelines issued in 2013 by the British Judicial Studies Board, the body responsible for training judges, instructed them to bear in mind the “disproportionate impact” that prison sentences have on men and women with parenting or caring responsibilities, according to The World News.

Remmer was arrested August 14, 2016, for breaking into the home of an older retired man in the early morning hours, according to The Sun. The man woke to the sound of Remmer in his house and rummaging through his belongings in Washington, Tyne and Wear, in England.

The man was reportedly “terrified” and texted his daughter during the break-in saying he was too frightened to confront the intruder. His daughter and her boyfriend came to help, but Remmer had already left.

Several hours later, Remmer was spotted trying to sell the man’s stolen camera. She was arrested and later pleaded guilty to a charge of dwelling house burglary, reported the Sunderland Echo.

Remmer has previous convictions for shoplifting and theft, among other charges. Despite her record,  the court took pity on her after hearing how she has stopped using heroin and has decreased her daily dose of methadone from 125g to 10g.

In addition to her suspended sentence, Remmer was ordered to complete a 30-day rehabilitation requirement and pay restitution.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]