‘At least I’m still alive!’ Serial killer claps and laughs while taunting family of victim he stabbed 98 times

‘No one should be able to see him, not even his family. He is a serial killer.’

A serial killer who killed five people and raped a teen girl clapped his hands and laughed in court as the victim’s family stared at him in horror, while calling him a killer and murderer.

IOL reports that Cameron Wilson, of Cape Town, Africa, was found guilty of five murders, three attempted murders, and one rape charge. While in a South African court on Thursday, the serial killer listened as the judge handed a conviction of several life sentences, but it didn’t seem to bother him. In fact, the 20-year-old stood up and clapped.

Judge Chantel Fortuin took the time to address Wilson directly. When she reminded him that he killed three teens, (Lekita Moore, 18, Stacey Lee Mohale, 16 and Toyher Stober, 16) Wilson smirked, laughed, and rolled his eyes. Undeterred, Fortuin told Wilson that although he was raised in a community known for drugs, there was no reason for his extreme violence.

“Millions of children grew up in such communities, but did not rape or kill. None of the victims did anything to provoke you before you killed them; the revolting scenes of the attacks.”

Wilson stabbed one of the victims, Lekita, 98 times. He raped Stacey and stoned her to death before lighting her on fire. Another victim, who Wilson raped twice, testified against him and told the court that she constantly relived the fear.

Friends and family members in the court shouted at Wilson, but he seemed to crave the attention. He smiled and smirked, clearly amused that he angered others.

After the sentence was handed down, State prosecutor Advocate Carine Teunissen thanked the witnesses for testifying and expressed relief that Wilson couldn’t hurt anymore women.

“He was cruel and the crimes he committed were gruesome. He disrespected women and enjoyed manipulating them and when they defied him, he lashed at them.”

Despite his gruesome crimes, Wilson will still get a chance at parole after serving 25 years.

While exiting the court after watching the proceedings, Letika Moore’s father, Charles, said that he will never have his child back, and hopes that Wilson goes through the same pain he’s endured since he lost his daughter.

“I cry every night for my child. She was my everything. He took my source of energy away. She is never coming back to us. He must feel the same way we feel. No one should be able to see him, not even his family. He is a serial killer.”

[Feature Photo: YouTube]