‘Bodies just start piling out’: Bride and groom allegedly start wedding day bar brawl and end up behind bars

The bride wore…orange?

Canadian police have arrested both bride and groom after they allegedly started and participated in a bar brawl on their wedding day, as reported by CTV.

The altercation allegedly occurred Saturday night after a bartender stopped serving the wedding party of 10 and security instructed them to leave. Though it’s unclear what exactly caused the ordeal to turn physical, Ryan Bychowski, 34, told Inside Edition that he witnessed the groom grabbing at the bartender and a groomsman punching out a window.

“This is not exactly the kind of place you’d expect a wedding party to show up,” Bychowski said. “You could tell they’ve been at it all day. A few of them were pretty drunk.”

Bychowski also claimed the blushing bride appeared to be the main aggressor, “swinging and jumping on people” as security attempted to restore order.

Onlookers also described how the scuffle ultimately bled into the streets. One witness recalled seeing the bride throwing haymakers as she exited the downtown pub.

“The doors just explode open and bodies just start piling out,” Matt Machado, 30, told CTV News. “It was just absolutely ridiculous and absolutely absurd.”

Edmonton Police arrived shortly thereafter and interviewed witnesses. One person was said to have sustained minor injuries during the incident.

Images and video posted to social media show a handcuffed bride plead her case to a police officer.

“This is the greatest picture I will ever take. Goodnight,” Bychowski tweeted alongside the now-viral photos.

Edmonton Police revealed to Inside Edition that the bride was charged with assault while the groom is facing mischief charges. The couple’s identities are unknown.

[Featured Image: Twitter/IamByks]