Mark Schlegel

Missing talent agent found dead in the woods, wife calls his disappearance ‘a total mystery’

New Jersey police say the body of a missing Manhatten talent agent was found Thursday.

Mark Schlegel was found in a wooded area in his hometown. His body was fully clothed, according to the New York post.

Chris Schegel, Mark’s wife, says he disappeared just a day after the two returned from an 8-day trip to Scotland. The couple was celebrating their 33rd anniversary.

Chris told the Post  that his August 13 disappearance was unexpected, and called it “a total mystery.”

“He never said anything like, ‘I’m depressed being home’ or ‘I have to fight the grind again.'”

Police say Mark left his home without his keys, phone, and wallet, according to NBC New York. He was said to be mentally and physically sound when he left.

The smell of the body led an officer to the site where he was found in some bushes. It seems the body had been there for several days.

Authorities don’t suspect foul play, and an autopsy will determine the cause of death.

When her husband vanished, neighbors told Chris that they saw Mark walking “with a purpose,” while carrying a medium-sized, light-colored gift bag.

The day Mark went missing seemed like a normal day. The 52-year-old went to yoga in the morning before picking up some groceries. He brought coffee home for Chris and their daughter Kristen, then spoke with his young granddaughter over Skype.

Mark worked for Cornerstone Agency where he represented several clients, including actors Marcia Gay Harden, Jefferson Mays and Harry Ford.

Viola Davis and Debra Messing were two of many people who tweeted their condolences. Davis thanked Mark for “seeing my talent,” and Messing called the talent agent a “gentleman,” and the death “tragic.”

Chris works as an actress who now teaches improvisation at a children’s theater camp.

The couple has two grown children together.

[Feature Photo: Oradell Police]