Boyfriend of reality show attorney brutally stabs her until her insides look like ‘swiss cheese’

The boyfriend of a reality television star was found guilty of murder on Friday in a Los Angeles County courtroom; the shocked man broke down after learning he could spend the next 16 years to life in prison.

PEOPLE reports that Robert Reagan, 53, stabbed his girlfriend, Loredana Nesci, to death in July 2015, inside her Redondo Beach home. Nesci starred on the Sundance TV reality show, Loredana, Esq. 

According to court documents, Reagan and Nesci were in the midst of a breakup when the murder occurred. Reagan confronted her inside a bedroom of her home and brutally stabbed her, leaving a 7-inch-long cut along her abdomen.

Reagan said he acted in self-defense after Nesci punched him, let out a blood-curling scream, and charged after him with a hunting knife.

“She did a sort of blood-curdling ‘Get the f— out of the house. She held the knife up and took a step toward me….“I kind of lost it. I became very emotional. I was screaming, ‘No!’ and I was shaking her. I punched on her chest and I tried to blow in her mouth. … She was dead.”

Reagan claimed he struggled with Nesci and in the process of trying to pry the knife from her hands, she got stabbed. Evidence, however, painted a different picture. Prosecutors said that Reagan “gutted” the reality TV star and made her insides look like “swiss cheese” with a Rambo-style hunting knife. He then called his sister to come up pick his son before taking a shower and washing blood off of him. Further, it took him 6 hours after the fact to call 911.

“He was pretty stoic as the verdict was read,” Los Angeles County prosecutor Allyson Ostrowski told PEOPLE, referring to Reagan’s reaction after the guilty verdict. “When the jury left, he cried a little bit…..I think there was overwhelming evidence in the case and it was the right verdict. I am very grateful for the jury. I am glad she can rest in peace.”

The motive appeared to stem from potential custody issues. Reagan had previously went through a tumultuous and expensive divorce, and he didn’t want to go through a long custody battle over their son.

Reagan is due back in court in September for sentencing. He faces anywhere from 16 years to life in prison.

[Feature Photo: Sundance/Handout]