Killer who bound, beat, and stabbed a retired minister set to be executed in Arkansas

Jack Greene bound, beat, and stabbed retired minister Sidney Burnett in 1991. Now, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has set Greene’s execution for November 9.

The announcement comes after Arkansas made national headlines in April for planning to execute eight inmates over a 10 day period.

NBC News reports that Greene “tied up and gagged the 69-year-old clergyman, bashed his head with the can of hominy, cut him from mouth to ear, and fired a .25 caliber pistol into his chest and head.”

Greene’s attorneys argued that the execution is unethical and Greene should be exempt from the death penalty due to his mental state.

“The state has taken the next step toward executing a man who suffers from severe mental illness,” said¬†Greene’s federal defense attorney Scott Braden.

Greene’s lawyers claim that he suffers delusions that include the belief there is a conspiracy to cover up injuries inflicted by corrections officers, including the removal of his spine.

[Featured Image: Arkansas Department of Corrections via AP]

Correction: This story originally said Greene was to be executed in Arizona. It has been updated to Arkansas.