Teen charged with murder for allegedly helping 16-year-old girl kill herself and filming the death

The lawyer for a Utah teenager charged with first-degree murder for helping a 16-year-old girl kill herself says the prosecution against his client is too harsh.

In May, Tyerell Przybycien assisted Jchandra Brown commit suicide, in part by helping her buy the necessary tools, tying a noose and filming the death.

Przybycien later told a detective, “I feel like I did murder her. I helped her so much.”

But Przybycien’s lawyer now says the murder charge is unwarranted and will ask a judge to dismiss it, People reports.

“This is a tragedy,” said attorney Neil Skouson. “There’s no other way to paint this picture.”

Przybycien was in court earlier this week for a preliminary hearing. A judge is expected to rule whether authorities have presented enough evidence to support the murder charge.

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Central to the prosecution is a video that Przybycien shot of the girl hanging herself and text messages he allegedly sent in which he seems excited about helping Brown take her life.

In one text conversation, Przybycien asked a friend what he should do if he were asked to help someone commit suicide.

“Talk them out of [it],” the friend said.

But Przybycien had a different view: “The thing is.. I wanna help kill them. It be awesome. Seriously [I’m] going to help her. [It’s] like getting away with murder! [I’m] so f—– up. I’m seriously not joking. [It’s] going down in about a week or two.”

Turkey hunters discovered Brown’s body on May 6 hanging from a tree in Payson Canyon, Utah.  Next to the body were a variety of objects, including a note that said to watch a video on a phone explaining why Brown took her life. Przybycien was later found crying on a trail near the scene, according to press reports.

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At this week’s hearing, he said he felt remorse over his role in the death.

“I feel guilty,” Pryzbycien said.

Przybycien also faces a charge of failing to report a body. He remains in jail pending $500,000 cash bail.

[Feature Photo: Utah County Jail]