Man sexually assaults child and then retreats to the wilderness, arming himself as he awaits confrontation: Police

Tennessee police have arrested a man and accused him of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl, as reported by FOX 17.

Sterling Marshall Carter, 51, is alleged to have attacked the girl in the bathroom of an office building they were cleaning together, though authorities have yet to announce any further connection between suspect and victim.

According to the criminal affidavit, Carter approached the girl as she cleaned the ladies bathroom on the third floor of a business complex in Goodlettsville. He is alleged to have removed her shorts and underwear and carried her to a couch in a sitting area by the bathroom before performing his cruel act, according to East Nashville Patch.

Police say the 51-year-old fled after he allegedly committed the sexual assault, leading them on a four day search of the surrounding environs. He was eventually found nearly 120-miles away, hiding in the deep woods near Virgin Falls, located in White County, Tennessee. Police have not stated how they came upon the suspect.

Authorities also say that Carter was armed when they found him, having said to be carrying a 9mm pistol at the time of his arrest. There was no armed confrontation, however, as the alleged child rapist came quietly, according to police.

Investigators have announced that Carter admitted to the sexual assault. He is charged with three counts of rape of a child and is being held in jail on $300,000 bond. It has not been revealed if the man has obtained legal counsel.

[Featured Image: Metro Nashville Police]