Student from ‘Horn Dog High School’ wins $750K after teacher seduces him

A former high school student recently won $750,000 in damages after his high school teacher seduced him and had sex with him.

New York Post reports that Kevin Eng was a 16-year-old student high school football player at James Madison High School in Brooklyn, when in 2011, his English teacher, Erin Sayar, 36, provided him with marijuana and seduced him.

Sayar, married at the time, tutored Eng in English after school. The tutoring sessions eventually led to sex and oral sex in her office and in her SUV. She kept stashes of marijuana in a filing cabinet in her office and kept the student steadily supplied with it.

When Eng’s mother caught wind of the affair, she filed a lawsuit against both the school district and Sayar in civil court. In criminal court, Sayar was originally charged with more than 50 sexually-related offenses. She ended up agreeing to a plea deal which allowed to stay out jail. However, she had to register as a Level 1 sex offender, remain on probation, and give up her teaching license indefinitely.

Eng’s mother lost her lawsuit against the school district, but her lawyer kept pushing the lawsuit against Sayar. In the meantime, after her husband left her in 2013, Sayar went into hiding. For five years,  attorney Bruce Baron filed numerous lawsuits against Sayar, but she could never be found.

On August 17, a judge at a Brooklyn court got tired of Sayar’s refusal to show up to court and ordered a judgment against her for $750,000. Sayar, who lives in Brooklyn, claimed she never knew about the lawsuit.

“What happened? I don’t know anything about that. I can’t talk about it because I don’t know.”

Eng and his mother didn’t comment on the judgment.

James Madison High School was nicknamed “Horn Dog High School” after an English teacher was caught with thousands of images of child porn on his computer. Further, a female teacher and her female student were accused of getting naked and having sex inside a classroom at the high school.

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