Heroic Houston pastor checks submerged cars for survivors: ‘I’m not coming back until I check them twice’

A Houston pastor was photographed checking stranded vehicles for survivors during Hurricane Harvey.

Brian Roberson told CBS News that he spotted the Good Samaritan on Texas State Highway 288 on Sunday morning. The man is said to have ignored bystanders’ warnings while he tried to get to two SUVs immersed in chest-deep water.

“He wanted to get out there to make sure those cars were empty,” Roberson said. “It was so powerful to see firsthand.”

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The pastor could be seen knocking on car windows and checking inside. At one point, he climbed on top of a black SUV and yelled inside. CBS News reported that nobody was occupying the sunken vehicle.

“I’m not coming back until I check them twice,” he shouted to spectators.

The pastor is said to have inspected at least five cars stranded in the at-risk area. Roberson claimed he grabbed a rope to rescue the heroic man, but he managed to reach land on his own.

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“He didn’t have to do that. It’s just an amazing thing to see,” Roberson commented.

“That just speaks to the power of Houstonians and Texans. We’re here for each other.”

The man told Roberson that he’s a pastor in the south-central Houston area. He reportedly decided to help stranded citizens after Sunday’s church service was canceled.

Since he didn’t get the pastor’s name, Roberson posted images of the man’s heroic act to Facebook. He hopes someone can identify the pastor so he can thank him.

“I’m sure so many people are trying to keep up more with the storm that they don’t care to break down who he is. But he’s a hero nonetheless,” Roberson concluded.

[Featured Image: Facebook/Brian Roberson]