New details emerge in elderly brothers’ ‘House of Horrors’ satanic manifesto, child porn case [UPDATE]

Family member details shocking abuse by three elderly brothers found with satanic manifesto, hoards of child porn

New details continue to merge in the case of three elderly Seattle-area brothers who were arrested after officers searched their Washington home and found hoards of child porn and related items.

Three brothers, Charles Emery, 82, Thomas Emery, 80, and Edwin Emery, 78, were charged last week after authorities found their Shelton home “littered floor to ceiling” with an array of nude children photos, toys, children’s shoes, underwear, toys, and other incriminating evidence.

The family member, a daughter of Edwin Emery’s twin sister, became of the power of attorney of Charles Emery after he developed dementia. She tipped authorities off on August 9, after she discovered massive amounts of child porn, children’s penny loafers, and other items while cleaning the brothers’ home, according to her mother, Edna.

“She was in Charles’ room, and I guess she was going through the boxes and stuff to see what was in them. And she found these little shoes and stuff.”

Notes found inside the property indicated that the shoes, children’s penny loafers, were placed on the feet of kidnapped girls before the men allegedly sexually assaulted and murdered them. Detectives reported that they found dozens of children’s penny loafers inside the home.

The niece also said found “boxes of material including pornographic images of underage girls, young girls clothing/shoes, magazine clippings of missing and murdered young girls and handwritten notes detailing the kidnapping, torturing, raping and murdering of young girls during the process of cleaning out the garage area,” according to a police report.

“It’s very clear that these three individuals have an obsession with young female children, they’ve had this obsession for most if not all of their lives, and they acted on it,” said Capt. Mike Edwards, of the Seattle Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children task force.

Officers also found a half-burned manifesto, filled with details of satanic rituals, murders, and sexually assaulting young children. The manifesto, reportedly written by Charles Emery, was found buried with a child’s hat.

The niece, whose name is unknown at this time, told authorities that her uncles would sexually assault and molest her when she was a child. She said they molested her mother when she was a child as well. All three brothers, never married, also reportedly molested other children female relatives for decades.

Court records indicate that authorities questioned Edwin Emory in 2013 after they found child porn on his computer when he took it into a local shop for repair. Emery admitted to police he molested his sister’s daughter and in a recorded interview, admitted that he was attracted to “sub-teenage” girls. For reasons unknown, prosecutors decided not to press charges.

Lindsey Baum
Lindsey Baum [Photo: Handout]
Meanwhile, authorities are on their 4th search of the 14-acre property, in hopes of finding evidence that links the brothers to missing children—including Lindsey Baum— a 10-year-old who disappeared in 2009 while walking home in McCleary, around 30 minutes from the brothers’ homes. Police connected the missing girl with the suspects after they found a missing persons flyer about the girl inside their home.

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