‘He is my hero’: Orphaned son of murder-suicide dad gives heartbreaking eulogy at funeral for father, mother and sister

The 20-year-old son of a man believed to have killed the rest of his family in a shocking murder-suicide last week delivered a eulogy that stunned the hundreds of mourners who came to pay their respects.

The New York Post reports that Will Dym, 20, delivered the eulogy for his father, mother and sister on Wednesday in Bedford, New York, not far from the upscale Pound Ridge home where Steven Dym is believed to have shot and killed his wife and his 18-year-old daughter Caroline (pictured above) before shooting himself on Friday.

Dym was in Los Angeles at the time, where he is a student at the University of California.

Despite the horrifyingly tragic circumstances, Dym reportedly only had praise for his father and spoke of forgiveness.

“He is my hero. No matter what the circumstances, my love for him is everlasting,” Will said, according to the New York Post.

“He truly was the happiest human being I have ever encountered, and his happiness will continue to be a part of my soul forever.”

He also spoke warmly of his sister Caroline, saying she was “the best sister I could have asked for.”

“Caroline, I love you and I will miss you forever,” he said.

Will reportedly began to break down when he began to speak about his mother Loretta, who he said “always put us before herself and she always enjoyed talking about me and my sister’s accomplishments, no matter how big or small they were.”

“Even when times got rough, she would push through and make everything all right,” he said.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, at the time of the murder-suicide, Steven Dym, a real estate executive who worked for his father’s property management company, had been accused of stealing $22,000 from a client.

The New York Post reports that additional lawsuits against Dym, who was 56 when he died, showed that he was accused of stealing from multiple clients, for a sum totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At the funeral, the young Dym said he would be able to move on due to the strength of his family.

“I know my family is looking down on me right now and giving me the strength I need to push on in life and find happiness again.”

At the end of the eulogy, mourners rose to their feet and applauded the young man.


Feature photo: Facebook