Police find elderly woman’s badly decomposed body at a Bed-and-Breakfast; daughter charged

A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars after her mother’s remains were found badly decomposed inside a room at a Wayne County Bed-and-Breakfast inn.

ABC 16 reports that Moira Richey, 52, was arrested on Monday for the death of her mother, 80-year-old Patricia. The elderly lady’s body was found in June at the Harvest Inn Bed and Breakfast in Honesdale. Richey was staying at the Harvest Inn with her mother, reportedly in the same room months after Patricia had already passed away.

An autopsy report stated that Patricia had broken ribs, but she was so decomposed that an official cause of death hasn’t yet been made. Authorities aren’t sure when Patricia died, but said she could have been in the room for several months before they discovered her.

Arrest records indicate that Richey used air freshener to cover the smell of her mother’s death and would not allow the owners of the inn into their room. She asked the owners at one point to allow her to switch rooms for the night because she was “having trouble breathing.” After the owners insisted on seeing Patricia, Richey admitted her mother had died.

The arrest records also state that Richie withdrew approximately $1,600 from her deceased mother’s bank account after her mother’s death.

During her court hearing, Richey said she was all alone and stayed for months on end at a nursing home with her mother, until she relocated with her to the inn.

Richey is charged with abuse of a corpse, forgery, and theft. She’s behind bars in Wayne County.

[Feature Photo: Twitter]