‘Vampire’ decapitates pigeons, drinks their blood at crowded park while people are trying to eat lunch

The suspect reportedly tossed one of the pigeon’s heads at an unsuspecting bystander, spilling blood all over him

A self-styled “vampire” allegedly removed the heads of pigeons and drank their blood while at a popular Manhattan park before a horrified crowd.

The New York Post reports that a man in Bryant Park took the heads off two pigeons on Wednesday afternoon and poured their blood in his mouth.

“He was holding up the pigeons and drinking their blood, letting the blood drip down his shirt,” one witness told the newspaper.

“He did it twice. He was covered in blood. He said he was a vampire. It was pretty disgusting.”

Other witnesses told the newspaper that the man, who is reportedly a regular fixture at the park, tossed one of the bird’s heads at someone eating lunch, splattering blood all over their shirt.

“He’s always here, yelling at people on the street,” a witness told the newspaper. “He was telling [police] he’s a vampire.”

A park-goer posted photos of the incident in a Twitter thread Wednesday afternoon.

After the horror show, the suspect reportedly waited calmly for police to arrive. Police transported him to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

The identity of the suspect is not yet known.