Wife of one of the Seattle ‘House of Horror’ Emery brothers disappeared decades ago; additional evidence inside home revealed

Sandra Emery would be 77 today if alive, but authorities are concerned after her now deceased former husband was linked to a Seattle-area home found with child porn and a satanic manifesto that detailed the murder, rape, and torture of children.

Three brothers, Charles Emery, 82, Thomas Emery, 80, and Edwin Emery, 78, were arrested last week after authorities found their Shelton home “littered floor to ceiling” with an array of nude children photos, toys, children’s shoes, underwear, toys, and other incriminating evidence. Another brother, Donald Emery, who has since passed away, got married to Sandra in June 1970. He told police she left him after three months.

In 1987, Donald Emery filed for divorce, claiming he couldn’t find his wife. The marriage marks the only time any of the brothers ever wed. In court papers filed at the Superior Court of Washington, County of Pierce, on May 27, 1987, Donald signed documents stating that he looked “diligently” for his wife but couldn’t find her.

“I believe (Sandra) is not a resident of this state or if she is in the State of Washington she is concealing herself. I have made careful inquiry of relations, friends and business associates…and I cannot learn of her present whereabouts.”

A judge approved Donald Emery’s divorce on September 8, 1987. Yet even after the divorce was final, Sandra never once showed up in Washington or anywhere else, at least as far as authorities know.

The information was discovered after police, acting off of a tip from a niece who said two of the brothers molested her as a child, told them she discovered hoards of child porn and other disturbing items inside their home. The niece was made power of attorney over Charles Emery, who suffers from dementia, and was cleaning the house when she came across the items.

The niece, referred to as S.K. in court documents, told authorities she found at least a dozen pairs of children’s penny loafers, the same type of shoes the brothers made her wear as a child before they molested her, according to Newsweek. Authorities found a travel size bottle of vodka tucked away in one of the shoes that read, “S.K.’s first half ounce of liquor came from this bottle.”

Court documents read that items found inside the Shelton house included “dozens of pairs of children’s shoes, most of which are penny loafer style shoes with pennies inserted in the front of the shoes; several pairs of minor female children style underwear containing stains and indicia of use; children’s socks; dozens of books and articles related to child homicide, child sexual assault, and missing and murdered female child victims to include both local and national cases.”

The abuse at the hands of the brothers spans over three generations, according to detectives. As children, the brothers allegedly sexually assaulted a female family member, known as T.K., numerous times, forcing her to move away from the family and into foster care. Later, after she was reunited with the family, the brothers reportedly started molesting the family member’s toddler daughter, S.K.

Apparently T.K.’s real name is Edna, the twin sister of one of the brothers and the mother of S.K. Last week, Edna confirmed that her daughter was indeed the “niece” who found stockpiles of horrific evidence of child abuse.

While searching the home, authorities also came across a photo of a young girl wearing nothing but barrettes in her hair while holding a power drill. The caption under the photo had an eerie hand-written message.

“Put yourself in the hands of these absolutely astonishing and gifted builders. These tireless workers will build a castle of joy for you.”

“We’ve got multiple generations involved here, and nobody in the family ever said anything,” Seattle Police Department Capt. Mike Edwards told Newsweek. “In this line of work, there’s bad and there’s very bad. This one is very bad….We started with two victims and it’s grown to four. We’re confident we’re only at the tip of the iceberg.”

One of the potential victims could be Lindsey Baum (pictured), a little girl who disappeared in 2009 when she was 10 years old. Lindsey was walking home in the nearby city of McCleary, around 30 minutes from the brothers’ home, when she vanished. Authorities found a missing persons flyer of Lindsey inside the Emery residence.

Detectives performed an exhaustive search of the home and didn’t find any children, but they said the brothers likely spent decades sexually abusing children and possibly killing them. Last week, authorities expanded the search to the surrounding 14 acres of property the brothers own, as well a filthy lake house where Donald Emery once lived. Under the direction of Internet Crimes Against Children task force, officers and their K-9s began searching the land on early Saturday morning.

All three brothers are behind bars on bail amounts of $50,000 each.

Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details in the case unfolds.


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