‘I was provoked:’ Woman admits to peeing in cup, throwing it on bus driver [VIDEO]

A Washington, D.C., woman who allegedly admitted to throwing a tumbler full of urine at a bus driver appeared in court on Thursday, as reported by The Washington Post.

Opal L. Brown, 38, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor simple assault in D.C. Superior Court. A day earlier, Brown told NBC4 that she soaked the bus driver because “she said ‘have a nice day’ all sarcastically.”

“I was provoked. I hate Metro,” the D.C. woman revealed to the station. “I’ve been catching Metro for 35 years. They’ve never done s*** for me.”

WPGC reports that surveillance cameras caught Brown urinating in the cup in the back of the bus—near other passengers. Before exiting the bus, footage allegedly shows Brown reaching around the plastic divider and emptying the contents of the cup on the unfortunate driver.

Police said the driver was taken to the hospital to be cleaned up and “decontaminated.”

“To say bizarre is really an understatement. It’s a vulgar assault,” Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik commented Tuesday.

Brown later explained that she was running late for an appointment Saturday night when the driver uttered the nicety. Though Brown claimed the Metro employee was “waving” and “flicking” her off, Brown said she feels bad about what she did.

The 38-year-old flagged down an officer at 3 a.m. Wednesday and confessed to the repugnant crime, according to a police report.

Brown was released on her own recognizance Thursday and is scheduled to appear in court in late September. In the meantime, a judge banned her from going near the X2 bus line and the bus driver she is accused of assaulting. Brown must also undergo a mental health evaluation and weekly drug tests.

[Featured Image: Metro Police Department]