‘There was no rush’: Mom calls 911 HOURS after child dies in hot car; judge denies bond

A Georgia mom who had her hair done while her toddler child died alone inside a hot car, was denied bond on Friday by a Dekalb County judge.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Dijanelle Fowler, 25, is charged with second-degree murder after he allegedly left her 1-year-old daughter, Skylar Fowler, locked inside a car on June 15. The toddler passed away from heat stroke while Fowler was inside a salon on Lavista Road getting her hair braided. Surveillance footage confirmed that Fowler entered the salon at around 10:40 a.m.

Prosecutor Dalia Racine told Judge Kiesha R. Storey that as the temperatures soared to 129 degrees inside the car on the day in question, Fowler, who drove to Atlanta from North Carolina for a job interview, sat in a chair while getting her done and told the hairdresser “there was no rush” and to “take her time.”

Fowler allegedly told employees inside the salon that her child was at daycare, and when a relative stopped by the salon, Fowler told her that Skylar was with a friend.

When Fowler returned to her car at around 4 p.m, the battery had died, so she “calmly” got a Good Samaritan to give her car a jump, not once mentioning that her child was inside. Fowler’s attorney argued that she left the air conditioner running in the car, which caused the battery to die. Prosectuors argued there was no proof of that.

Police said that when Fowler asked for a car jump, Skylar was likely dead. Authorities said Fowler put men’s clothing over the little girl to hide her from the man helping with the car.

“Between 4 and 4:54 (p.m.) she texted the child’s godfather that she was going to go to an urgent care for headaches,” a detective stated. “(Fowler) also Googled about signs of seizures.”

Fowler then drove to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, where she called 911 and reported “an unconscious woman” while parked in the hospital’s parking lot. Authorities arrived and found Fowler unconscious and the toddler deceased.

Initially, authorities thought that Fowler had a seizure and the toddler died while trapped in the car with her unconscious mother. Later, investigators pieced together clues from surveillance footage and Fowler’s Google search on her phone that indicated Skylar had been dead for quite some time before Fowler called 911.

Louis Williams II, the little girl’s dad, sided with prosecution and requested no bond for Fowler. Williams told Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he forgave Fowler, but he wouldn’t comment on the current charges.

Storey ultimately denied bond because Fowler was deemed a “flight risk” since she was from North Carolina and didn’t have many ties to Atlanta.

[Feature Photo: Dekalb County Jail/Handout]