Suspect in senior citizen stabbing murder allegedly licked bloodied knife, texted ‘S.O.S. he dead’ with an emoji

A murder suspect has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the brutal killing of a 65-year-old man in May 2016.

According to ABC Australia, Leanne Carol Prak, 42, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the stabbing death of Michael McEvoy, 65, in the South Australian suburb of Holden Hill last year. She has pleaded not guilty to murder, and prosecutors are her murder trial are not attempting to establish that she did in fact intend to kill McEvoy.

Prak is a known alcoholic, and reportedly had a blood-alcohol level of .37 when she stabbed McEvoy repeatedly, killing him.

“The accused’s tolerance to the effects of alcohol, and indeed large quantities of alcohol, is likely to be an important issue in this trial,” prosecutor Chris Edge reportedly told the jury.

The jury also heard some chilling details about the crime, which took place while a witness was in the apartment. That witness reportedly locked himself in a bathroom when Prak was allegedly stabbing McEvoy.

“He will tell you that she then did something you might think is fairly bizarre,” the jury was told.

“You will hear she licked the blade of that bloodied knife.”

The prosecutor said Prak’s saliva was found on the murder weapon.

Prak also reportedly texted a friend after the killing, typing the message “SOS he dead” and including an emoji of a police officer.

The suspect is believed to have stabbed the victim eight times.

“She stabbed him first in the middle of his chest, in the heart in fact, and after that she stabbed him those seven more times in the back,” Evans reportedly said in court.

“Those seven times in the back, on the prosecution case, occurred in all likelihood when he had already collapsed, was defenceless and was still alive, essentially gasping for breath.”

A motive for the apparent murder is not yet clear.

The trial is expected to continue through next week.


Feature photo: Creative Commons/Flickr