Young mother commits suicide on birthday because of online bullies, imposter Tinder account, says family

A 23-year-old woman was allegedly driven to suicide by online bullies on her birthday.

The Daily Record reports that Leanne Morrison of Cambusbarron, Scotland, took her own life just hours after going out to celebrate her birthday with friends.

Leanne leaves behind a four-year-old son, Mason. The cause of death is not yet known, but Leanne is believed to have taken her life in her own home after returning from drinks with friends in Stirling. Her uncle and her younger brother reportedly found her body.

The young mother’s suicide has shocked her family and friends, although some knew that Leanne had allegedly been a target of online bullying and that someone had created a fake Tinder account in her name and was contacting men on her behalf. Leanne had also ended her relationship with her son’s father, and the Daily Record reports that she may have recently learned he was involved with a friend of hers.

The Daily Record spoke with Leanne’s grandmother, Isabel, who raised her.

“I spoke to her the night before her birthday when she came to get her cards and she was in good form and looking forward to her night out.

She told me she had an appointment to see the doctor and I think she had been suffering from depression after having a few rough times recently – but no one realised how bad it was.

We are all utterly devastated. Leanne knew so many people and had so many great friends. She was the life and soul of the party and loved a night out but she lived for her wee boy and Mason is our main concern.”

Leanne’s sister Natalie published a Facebook post mourning her sister’s untimely passing.

Another family member blamed Leanne’s death squarely on the online trolls.

“Some sicko created a fake Tinder account and was contacting guys with it. Police have been given a name for the person who is suspected and everyone who knows Leanne is hoping they get properly punished for it.

Leanne would always tell people she was doing OK but it was known that some of the setbacks she’s had in the last few years have led to depression and she has struggled to cope.”

“It was bullies that drove her to this,” the family member said.


Feature photo: Facebook