Child psychiatrist takes hundreds of photos of kids using urinals for ‘sexual interest,’ gets NO JAIL TIME

An Australian judge has decided to allow a child psychiatrist to avoid jail, despite pleading guilty to filming multiple children as they used public urinals, according to Perth Now.

Aaron Szen Yang Voon, 42, filmed several boys under the age of 13 at urinals in Perth, Queenstown in New Zealand, West Edmonton in Canada and San Francisco between September 2015 and May of last year, court records indicate.

He pleaded guilty to a litany of charges, including producing and possessing child pornography material in four countries.

Voon was actually caught in the act. He was arrested at a Canadian shopping center after a concerned father spotted him secretly filming his 10-year-old son. The father wrestled the 42-year-old to the ground and took his phone and, according to court records, it was filled with incriminating evidence. Later, when police searched his home they found a dozen videos and hundreds of photos, all of them featuring young boys urinating.

The incident in which the enraged father took Voon’s phone away was captured on video, where it has since gone viral.

So why did he avoid jail time, despite pleading guilty to┬áto eight offenses, including producing child pornography overseas and possessing child exploitation material? Voon has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and his lawyer successfully argued that he has been obsessed with toilets since he was two.┬áDefense lawyer Sam Vandongen also said that his client showed “powerful remorse.”

He also successfully argued that Voon simply cared too much about his patients to keep a check on his own mental illness, despite admitting that the photos and videos were sexual in nature.

“You have a doctor who is so focused on the wellbeing of other people that he has lost sight of his own,” he said. “He is adamant that the sexual interest is not one that involves any physical contact.”

The judge concurred, to an extent, and deemed that the child psychiatrist not be sent to jail.

“What you did is very clear, what is not particularly clear… is why you acted as you did,” Judge Troy said. “I have no doubt that you knew that what you were doing was wrong.”

Voon did, however, have his medical license revoked and his freedom may only be temporary. Court records indicate that the case will be revisited in the near future, once the 42-year-old undergoes a mental health analysis.

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