Man kills woman by injecting her with battery acid and his MOM attempts to assassinate key witness

The mother of an Australian man who gruesomely tortured and killed a woman tried to hire a hitman to take down a key witness in her son’s prosecution.

Maria Cardamone, 79, confessed that she sought to pay an undercover police officer $25,000 to kill the witness, Eddie George, the New York Post reports.

George testified in court against the son, Michael Cardamone, who murdered Karen Chetcuti in January 2016.

Michael Cardamone used animal tranquilizer to sedate the 49-year-old victim and then gagged and bound her. After injecting her with battery acid, he fractured her skull and set her on fire, according to authorities.

Last month, Cardamone was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the horrific slaying.

Cardamone attempted to blame the woman’s death on George, who admitted to investigators that he had helped torch the victim’s vehicle.

Police recorded Cardamone and his mother in numerous phone calls talking about the botched hit job, which they conspired to stage as a suicide.

In one recording, Cardamone revealed to another inmate that he wanted George killed because he was a “big problem for him.”

Maria Cardamone, whom police have detained since May, has pleaded guilty to one count of attempting to pervert the course of justice. She is scheduled to be sentenced in September.

Her defense lawyers are seeking to have her sentence reduced to time served, claiming that her mental condition is deteriorating and that she is depressed.

The victim’s mother, Clary Verbunt, said that the death of her daughter was a “life sentence” for the family.

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