Ninth victim dies in Texas party shooting; murdered woman who lived at the home said to be gunman’s ex-wife

A ninth person has died after a mass shooting at a home in Plano, Texas, on Sunday.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, a man opened gunfire at a gathering of people at the home, killing seven and injuring two more. A responding officer confronted the armed suspect and killed him. The two injured victims were transported to a local hospital, and one did not survive

ABC News reports that Plano police chief Chief Gregory W. Rushin announced on Monday afternoon that one of the two injured victims had died. He declined to identify that victim, or any of the other deceased, including the shooter,

But a woman has told ABC News that her daughter, 27-year-old Meredith Lane, lived in the home and was a victim of the mass shooting. She said her daughter recently divorced her husband of six years, and said she believed he was the gunman. It is not confirmed that he is the suspect, but witnesses reported seeing a man and a woman arguing in front of the home before the gunman opened fire.

The woman’s mother said the people were gathered at the home to watch football, though police have said they cannot confirm earlier reports that the group was watching a Dallas Cowboys football game,

Police spokesman David Tilley told the news station that an investigation is ongoing, and that police are still working to establish the relationship between the suspects and the victims.


Feature photo: CBS 11 video screenshot