Holly Bobo: Mom faints in court after identifying daughter’s belongings during suspected murderer’s trial

On the first day of a trial for slain Tennessee college student, Holly Bobo, her mother took the stand, burst into tears and nearly collapsed when identifying her daughter’s wallet and lunch bag.

CrimeSider reports that on Monday, prosecutors called Bobo’s mother, Karen, as one of the first people against to testify against suspect, Zachary Adams, 33, who’s accused of kidnapping, raping, and killing 20-year-old nursing student, Bobo, in 2011.

While taking the stand, Karan collapsed, sobbing for a daughter who was senselessly killed. The judge presiding over the case cleared the court temporarily at around 2:30 p.m. when Karan announced she felt sick and couldn’t breathe, before falling to the floor.

At a little after 3 p.m., the trial resumed after paramedics cleared Karan and allowed her to continue with her testimony.

“I told her goodbye and I loved her,” Karen Bobo said, recalling the last time she spoke to her daughter.

Bobo’s father, Dana, also testified on Monday, and recalled he was at work in 2011 when he received a call that his daughter had been taken. He testified that he searched for his daughter for “three long years” until authorities told him they found her remains in September 2014. Two men out searching for ginseng saw Bobo’s remains in a wooded area close to Adams’ home.

“It was the worst feeling you could possibly feel, that something bad happened to one of your kids,” Dana Bobo said.

What You Need to Know

Holly Lynn Bobo disappeared from her home in Darden, Tennessee, on April 13, 2011. Three years later, authorities found her deceased in Decatur County, Tennessee, with a gunshot wound to her skull. So far, six men have been arrested in connection with her death, but only three of them have been prosecuted. Charges against two of them were dropped, while another suspect committed suicide.

Most of the prosecution’s case was made around what Adams’ brother, Dylan Adams, confessed. After pinning the crime on Adams and another suspect, Jason Autry, Dylan has since recanted and said that the confession was coerced. Autry, however, claimed that Adams did indeed kill Bobo by shooting her in the head after she gasped for air and moved while presumed dead and wrapped in a blanket.

“If it had gone down the way that Dylan described it, they would have blood in that house. They would have found DNA in that house. They would have found hair in that house. They would have found a fingernail. They would have found something that placed Holly in that house,” Dylan’s mother, Cindy Adams previously said.

“There’s no chemical cleanup in that house,” Cindy Adams continued. “There’s no nothing that ever indicated that Holly has been in that house, but if you listen to Dylan’s story, and I’m not going to go into everything he says, but it’s pretty graphic. There’s no way they would not have found something.”

If convicted, Adams faces the death penalty.

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