Sadistic parents kidnap and torture babysitter, forcing her to eat dog food, drink bleach, and clean up her urine

A teenage babysitter in Australia was burned, beaten and even forced to drink bleach while she was kidnapped and tortured for more than 16 hours, the Daily Mail reports.

Two couples have been charged with the brutal crime, which occurred last year, and will soon be sentenced.

Legal observers say it’s one of the worst abuse cases they’ve ever seen in South Australian courts that did not involve murder, according to the newspaper.

Investigators believe the couples kidnapped the girl out of revenge because they heard she told police that one of their friends was involved in a car theft.

The parents, who have admitted their involvement in the case, are Joshua Anthony Gent, 29; Keira Jane Baker, 28; Patrick Breen, 25; and Stacey Gaffney, 23.

According to authorities:

The victim and her housemate went to babysit Gent and Baker’s daughter on June 16, 2016.

When the pair got back home, they accused the victim of snitching to police, called her a dog and then dialed up Breen to “teacher her a lesson.”

The parents subsequently tied the girl up with a cord, gagged her with an onion, threw her in the back of a car and drove to Gaffney and Breen’s house.

Over the course of 16 hours, the girl was held in a closet with a dog leash around her neck, burned with a pipe and beaten. She also was forced to eat pet food, drink bleach, inhale gas, smoke methamphetamine and even clean up her own urine.

The couples recorded the torture and indicated that they would rape and kill her, according to prosecutors.

As the abuse unfolded, one of the couple’s children — a 2-year-old boy — was in another room, the newspaper reports.

The victim said the “horrific ordeal” ended only when police rescued her after her housemate’s mom notified law enforcement.

Investigators found weapons such as screwdrivers, brass knuckles and car jumper cables at the scene that were used to “inflict extreme pain, suffering” and to instill “terror” on the babysitter.

The victim could not read her victim impact statement to a court last month because of the trauma.

Baker, Green and Gent have pleaded guilty to aggravated charges of causing serious harm with intent and unlawful detention, for which they each face up to 25 years in jail.

They also could spend an additional decade in jail for allegedly stealing the girl’s phone, bankcard, jewelry, laptop and other items worth up to $2,500.

Gaffney has pleaded guilty to aggravated unlawful detention and also faces jail.

A judge will sentence the parents next week.


Feature photo: SA Police