Pregnant teen loses full-term baby after abusive boyfriend kicks her so hard she keels over

‘The prosecution told me because the baby had not been born they didn’t see her as being human’

A judge sentenced a 37-year-old UK man to two years and nine months in prison after the convict kicked his pregnant teen girlfriend so hard that she lost her baby only five days before her due date.

Metro reports that Jessy Johnson, 19, of Hemsworth, England, collapsed to the floor in extreme pain on April 16, 2016, after her boyfriend, Stuart Samson, kicked her while inside a bar. CCTV footage captured the traumatic incident.

“The prosecution told me because the baby had not been born they didn’t see her as being human – even though she was full-term,” Johnson said.

After kicking her, Samson warned Miller not to call an ambulance because “social services would get involved.” Scared for her safety, Johnson left the bar and went to her mother’s house without calling for medical help. When she woke up the next day, Johnson couldn’t feel her unborn daughter, Milla Francis, moving.

The victim went to the hospital where physicians performed a scan, and determined that the little girl had passed away. Milla was delivered stillborn a few days later.

“The next day when I couldn’t feel anything I got really scared and a couple of days later an internal scan confirmed the baby had died,” Johnson said, according to The Sun. “Having the baby delivered was weird because all my family was there and it was like a normal birth.”

“I really believed a miracle was going to happen and she would be alive when she came. I stayed with her in a room for a couple of days at the hospital until she started to change.”

Posted by Stuart Samson on Wednesday, May 27, 2015


According to medical experts, Samson’s kick to Johnson’s abdomen resulted in the infant suffering oxygen loss.

After losing her baby, Johnson still stayed in a relationship with Samson, out of fear. In February 2017, he attacked her again by hitting her in the face and chipping her tooth. During court, it was revealed that Samson started dating Johnson when she was 16 years old, and the abuse started shortly after. The latest incident was one of the many times Samson had abused the victim.

Judge Guy Kearl, QC, acknowledged that Milla was full-term, but since the baby hadn’t yet been born, he couldn’t charge Samson with the baby’s murder.

“I bear in mind that I am dealing with you for a kick to the stomach of a pregnant woman. You are not charged with any offence relating to the death of the unborn baby. However, the fact that the unborn baby, nearly at the end of its term, did die is an aggravating feature.”

Posted by Jessy-lea Johnson on Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Johnson, who finally got the courage to leave Samson when authorities detained him after the February 2017 incident, was understandably distraught over what she considered a light sentence for the man responsible for her baby’s death.

“He only pleaded guilty to get a lesser sentence and he showed no remorse at court from what I saw. What really annoys me is that they didn’t charge him with murder or child destruction…I feel like this is my fault because I should never have got back with him after the other times.”

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