Sherri Papini Update: Neighbors call police on reclusive mom after ‘Jaws-like’ scream comes from home

Kidnapped jogger Sherri Papini has remained mostly reclusive since authorities rescued her almost a year ago, but last month, neighbors called 911 after they thought they heard screams coming from the “super mom’s” home, according to the Daily Mail.

On August 11, neighbors dialed 911 to the Papini home in California after they heard a female voice screaming inside the residence, although they couldn’t be certain of exactly who they heard.

“RP [reporting party] req[uested] W/C [welfare check] on two listed neighbors due to hearing very loud noises (like a Jaws type movie) coming from their house last night around 2300 hrs. RP’s father heard screaming 20 mins before RP heard this noise,” the police report read.

According to neighbor Linda Logan, 31, noises from the Papini residence doesn’t happen often. She told the Daily Mail she became concerned not only because it’s rare to hearing anything from the family, but also because they had their television’s volume at an extremely high level when the screams were heard.

‘The reason I called for a welfare check is because they are so quiet and private. I went out for a smoke around 11:32 p.m. but about two minutes later, I heard their TV on crazy loud. I thought it was odd because they have two young kids but by 11.38pm it stopped. The next day, I talked to my dad and he said he had heard screaming about 20 minutes earlier.”

Jim Ferrario, 55, a retired police officer who lives behind the Papini home, said the noise was so loud that he would have investigated himself if he were still working.

“If I was still a cop, I would have gone to investigate. It sounded like she was freaking out.”

Officers did end up investigating, but aside from the police report, it doesn’t appear anything else happened. A spokesperson for the Papini family later said that Keith Papini was watching the HBO show, Game of Thrones, loudly inside the home, which likely produced the “Jaws-like” scream that neighbors reported.

The Backstory

On November 2, 2016, Keith Papini called authorities after his wife failed to return home after going out for a jog. The worried husband said his wife never picked their two children up from school and never came back home after her jog. Keith said that he used the “Find My iPhone” app and located Sherri’s phone around a mile from the home, but saw no signs of his wife.

After a nationwide search ensued, Sherri Papini was found on Thanksgiving Day, tied up on the side of County Road 17, close to Interstate 5 in Yolo County. Police reported she was bound up with cuts, bruises, scratches, a broken nose, and with her blonde hair chopped off.

Shortly after her rescue, numerous people scrutinized Sherri’s story and started tearing it apart when it didn’t make sense to them. She claimed two Hispanic women kidnapped her, yet she didn’t provide enough details to satisfy the public’s curiosity. The victim was clearly beaten and supposedly branded, yet the motive still remains unclear almost a year later.

Nancy Grace told Daily Mail TV host, Jesse Palmer, however, that just because the victim wasn’t raped or robbed, doesn’t mean that her story isn’t true.

“I agree that it didn’t make sense: Female perpetrators, no motive, no sex attack, no theft, no ransom…It doesn’t have to make sense for it to be true.”

Authorities continue to investigate the case and are still looking for the alleged kidnappers. So far, police haven’t specified whether any suspects have been questioned.

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