‘The family is anguished’: Cop allegedly manhandles autistic youngster as he screams and screams [VIDEO]

Arizona police are investigating an incident in which one of their officers allegedly manhandled an autistic teenager, mistaking him for a drug user, as reported by ABC 15.

The family of Connor Leibel, 14, is shocked and saddened after the alleged incident, which occurred on July 18 at park in Buckeye. Officer David Grossman is said to have forced Leibel to the ground, leaving him with several minor injuries, including multiple scrapes to his back, arm and face.

Officer Grossman claims that Leibel looked “suspicious” and was showing signs of a person who used an “inhalant drug,” according to a statement from the police department. He also told his superiors that he did not think Leibel was a minor.

“The family is anguished about what happened to Connor,” according to a statement released by the family. “It’s astonishing that even after an internal investigation, the Buckeye Police Department claims it did absolutely nothing wrong.”

ABC 15 has obtained video of the incident, which you can see below. In the video, Leibel screams several time as Grossman attempts to wrestle him to the ground. The pair can also be seen falling into a nearby tree.

Despite the footage, a police spokesperson, Detective Tamela Skaggs, said that their internal investigation showed “no use of force.”

Grossman is a top DUI officer and drug recognition expert who trains other officers around the state, officials said.

Police records state that the autistic teen was only alone for several minutes, while his caregiver was walking his younger sister across the street to a music school for piano lessons.

[Featured Image: ABC 15/screenshot]