VIDEO: Swastika-wearing Nazi beat up for racist hate speech after Seattle residents track him down on social media

A neo-Nazi in Seattle faced serious consequences after he allegedly harassed a black man on a city bus, spouting racist hate speech.

The New York Post reports that witnesses on the bus shared news of the Nazi sympathizer’s hate rant on social media, generating enough attention that a group of anti-fascists virtually banded together to track down the man, who was easily identified by his Swastika armband.

The same information was posted on Reddit, and soon after another Twitter user said the hate-spewing neo-Nazi was in downtown Seattle “screaming in people’s faces,” and invited anyone in the area to “give him a beating” if they so desired.

That Twitter user, who has a private account, warned that the man said he was armed.

Within 90 minutes of the first Twitter post about him, a man approached the Neo-nazi and began arguing with him. The conversation didn’t go very far, though, because the anti-fascist quickly punches him in the face, appearing to knock the man out.

“Just watched a Nazi get knocked the f–k out,” a witness by the name of Sean Patrick Duff reportedly wrote on Facebook. He later spoke to Buzzfeed:

“I literally just got off a bus and was walking to a movie and saw some guy being obnoxious up the way — which I’m used to in downtown Seattle, but then I saw the Nazi armband and realize we are dealing with a guy a little more than just obnoxious. I had eaten over 800mg of THC and was way too high for confrontation so I just held back with two other passersby to watch what would unfold.”

According to the Seattle Times, there were no arrests, and the Neo-Nazi walked away from the scene on his own. The Seattle Police Department sent a tweet in response to the incident.

“He declined to provide info about incident & left after removing his armband,” they said.

Watch the video below: (WARNING: VIOLENT CONTENT)

Feature photo: New York Post video sceenshot