First of five Wheaton College football players charged with hazing, attempted sodomy turns himself in

The first of five Wheaton College football players charged for a 2016 hazing incident turned himself in to police Tuesday.

Kyler Kregel, 21, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, went with his parents to turn himself in at 4:30 pm. Tuesday, ABC 7 Chicago reports.

Kregel, along with four other teammates — James Cooksey, Benjamin Pettway, Samuel TeBos, and Noah Spielman — was charged with aggravated battery, mob action, and unlawful restraint on Monday.

All five men have bond set at $50,000.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the charges stem from a March 2016 incident in which the men are accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 19-year-old freshman teammate.

According to the victim’s statement to police, he was watching the NCAA basketball tournament in his dorm room when Kregel and the other men allegedly stormed in. He claims they bound his bare legs with duct tape and put a pillow case over his head before carrying him outside to a car. The men played Middle Eastern music and told the freshman he had been kidnapped by Muslims. They told him that they wanted to have sex with goats, then suggested that he be their “goat” for the evening. The teammates pulled down his shorts and allegedly attempted to insert an object into his rectum, but he resisted and yelled for them to stop, so they reportedly beat him.

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The football players drove the victim to an off-campus park where they allegedly dumped him on a baseball diamond. After taking his phone and throwing dirt on him, the men allegedly left the victim half-naked and tied in duct tape alone in 45 degree weather.

The victim told investigators that he had just transferred to the school, so he didn’t know where he was or how he was going to get home. About 10 minutes later, a second victim was dumped in the same location, and the two were able to get home when classmates came to find the second freshman.

The victim reportedly called his mother when he got back to his dorm, then drove himself to the hospital. He was treated for two torn shoulders, along with additional minor injuries. The nurse called police to collect evidence when he began to breakdown emotionally, and his grandparents picked him up and took him to their home for the night.

His father drove to the school the next day to move him out of his dorm. He withdrew from the school soon after.

The victim told the Chicago Tribune that the attack was something that will stick with him.

“This has had a devastating effect on my life. What was done to me should never occur in connection with a football program or any other activity. … I am confident that the criminal prosecution will provide a fair and just punishment to the men who attacked me.”


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