GUILTY: Jason Lowe convicted of killing girlfriend after claiming she slipped in bathtub

The man accused of strangling his girlfriend was found guilty of murder today during his trial at a Richardson, Texas, courthouse.

SunHerald reports that Jason Lowe, 28, lived with his girlfriend, Jesse Bardwell, 27, in the northern suburb town of Richardson, close to Dallas. They moved in together in December 2015, but within five months, her family reported her missing. Authorities later found Lowe’s body wrapped in a bubble wrap and dumped in rural, desolate field.

According to Sergeant Perlich, body was found on May 19th. Authorities took her to the medical examiner’s office to determine a cause of death and to positively identify her. Authorities labeled her death as homicidal violence. Yet, they didn’t find any specific injuries during an autopsy.

During the fourth day of trial, Lowe gave a rehearsed speech about his girlfriend’s death. He called it a “tragic accident” and claimed that she slipped and fell in a bathtub, but the jury didn’t buy it. Instead, they believe that he hit Bardwell in the head during a drug-fueled night of sex, which ultimately caused her death.

Further, the jury learned that Lowe sent naked photos of himself to women he met online while his girlfriend’s body was rotting in the trunk of his SUV for days.

“I should have called the police,” Lowe said during court.

Instead of calling the police, Lowe wrapped his girlfriend’s body in the sheet, then partially wrapped her in bubble wrap and put her on a truck mat in the trunk of his Audi Q5 SUV. He later drove her to a muddy region in the rural area of Farmersville, Texas.

Lowe faces up to 50 years in prison. The penalty phase of his trial is next, which will include opening statements, closing statements, evidence, and ultimately the jury deciding on what Lowe’s punishment will be.

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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]