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Man speaks at murder trial for first time about girlfriend’s death; claims she slipped in tub

A Texas man on trial for the murder of his girlfriend told the court Monday that she died after slipping in the shower and hitting her head.

Jason Lowe, 28, is charged with murdering his girlfriend Jessie Bardwell, 27, and concealing her body, Dallas News reports.

Bardwell was reported missing by her parents on Mother’s Day 2016, according to WFAA. They told police they hadn’t heard from her in two weeks, and it wasn’t like her to not call on the holiday. When officers came to the apartment in search of Bardwell, Lowe told them she had left for the day, and couldn’t be reached because her phone was “pay as you go,” and had no minutes.

Bardwell’s body was found May 19, 2016 wrapped in a blue fitted sheet that was tied with a red strap at the torso. Her body was partially covered in bubble wrap, and the trunk mat from Lowe’s Audi Q5 SUV along with a piece of metal were found lying on top of it.

The medical examiner listed the cause of death as homicidal violence.

Lowe took the stand Monday and told the court that he and Bardwell met through mutual friends in Mississippi. They had known each other for years and were talking about having a serious relationship in late 2015, though Bardwell was seeing someone else at the time. She ended that relationship just after Christmas 2015, and moved in with Lowe in Texas.

In late April 2016, Lowe and Bardwell were planning on getting married. They put a down payment on a house on May 1, just days before her death.

Lowe told the court he and Bardwell had been taking a date-rape drug called GHB the day she died. They were having sex in the shower when he slipped, causing her to fall and hit her head on the wall and the edge of the bathtub.

He said that while he was taking care of her bleeding forehead, Bardwell started to panic and feel hot. They decided to lie down and sleep, but she never woke up.

Lowe said that after he put the body in the Audi, he drove it back and parked it in the garage of his apartment. He then said the time after her death was foggy, and he sometimes would “go downstairs and . . . talk to her.” Lowe also said he would send her emails as if she were alive. On May 8, he sent her an email telling her to get in touch with her father. On that same day, he sent a Happy Mother’s Day text to their friend from Bardwell’s phone.

Lowe cried on the stand and told the jury that he knew it wasn’t right, but he was “too weak” to go to police, and he acknowledged that, “I really made things worse.”

According to the report, Monday is the first time Lowe has spoken of what happened the day Bardwell died.

[Feature Photo: Richardson Police Department]